Brigham Recreation committee

The Brigham Recreation committee is made up of seven members who meet once a month. Together with volunteers, the Brigham Recreation committee organizes activities for Brigham citizens.

The Recreation building is located at 100, avenue du Parc in Brigham (behind the City Hall).

Annual General Meeting

The Recreation committee holds an annual general meeting to elect its members. This meeting is open to the public and anyone that is eligible can be elected. 

Recreation building rental

It is possible to rent recreation building for weddings, funerals and parties. The room can accommodate between 100 and 150 people. The cost is $ 135.00. For more information, contact Ms Louise Giroux at (450) 263-1482.

Do you have ideas for events or activities? Want to be a volunteer? You want to form a team? Leave us a message at (450) 266-0651 or send us an email at