Road maintenance

The maintenance and repair of public roads is the responsibility of the Municipality of Brigham. She takes care of street sweeping, minor paving, snow removal, signage maintenance and lineage.


Repairs to potholes and other damage begin when hot asphalt can be used, usually by the 2nd week of May. Holes and damage that occur off-season are treated with different products to prevent the magnification of the damage.

Dust suppressant

Spraying of dust suppressants on roads is expected in late May and early August if climatic and road conditions are favorable.


For any installation or change to an entrance culvert, the Municipal Inspector should be contacted for the required culvert diameter and installation standards.

Street lightning

Any defect on a street light must be reported to the municipal inspector, taking care to provide the number of the light pole in question. 450 263-5942


Mowing of municipal properties and roadsides are planned for mid-June and mid-August.

Road levelling

Leveling of gravel roads usually starts at the end of April. Public works carry out inspections and periodic maintenance until the end of October. Weather conditions normally govern the periods when leveling can occur.

Freezing and thawing problems

During the winter, the foundation of the roads is frozen to a depth varying from 1 to a little less than 3 meters according to the periods. The softening of temperatures which accompanies the arrival of the fine weather causes successive thaws on the surface of the ground in the spring. Water is then trapped between the layer that is frozen deep and the top of the roadway. Since the top layer is more fragile, the bearing capacity of the roads is lower and the roadway tends to deteriorate with the passage of vehicles.